Soft Launch and Launch

Dear followers, we have interesting news; we have Soft Launched.

So, in case you don't know, a Soft Launch is a small kind of launch, usually made in a small and specific sector; so you can test how the game works, we can see what the people think of the game, and everyone can give a sincere opinion without our game to be permanently damaged by negative opinions; we are following everything that happens, we are following all the metrics and analytics, so we can know our public and we can better adapt or to what they expect.  

We thought long and hard about the country better fit for our Soft Launch. We consulted statistics and experts. Or is a musical game, so we have to take into account the importance of culture and education in every possible country. We looked into variables and tendencies. 

We learned and looked up a lot of exotic acronyms (ROI, ARPU, CPI, LTV, etc.) taking into account a key data for us: what percentage of the population domain English.  

Finland has a considerable percentage of English speakers: 70% of Finland's inhabitants speak English. Every indicator was pointing in that direction. ¿What could go wrong? We did the Soft Launch and got 2 downloads in as many days: an Argentinian friend and a Peruvian music. We could have made the game in Spanish and got the same result.
Organically we didn't have any news; but the soft launch is not over.

Now we have to get into the marketing stage; our intention is to work through the social networks; making an investment now, and another one once we launch. So far, who played the game in the beta and Test Flight are giving us positive feedback, or at least the bugs and design faults they find are the same we are looking at. Now it's time to adjust visuals, and some features of the game model.

Here we give you access to the press kit:


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