Test it harder, make it better

It was a horrible saturday. It rained and it was cold. We thought nobody would come, but amazingly they did. Oir was having it’s first test session and 20 people were there for it, even when they could’ve stayed warm at home.

The version we tested had a tutorial and 17 levels. Our plan was not to see how did the tutorial work but to get feedback on the difficulty curve. We created an event on Facebook and lured some friends with drinks and pizza. It turns out it works quite well.

The testing took place in a friend’s bookstore called Caburé Libros, downtown. The whole team managed to bring five iOS devices: three iPhones, an iPad and an iPod, each with a pair of headphones.

Beign Oir a music video game we separated those that have music skills from the ones that don’t and made them play till they lost all three lives in one single song. The “experts” went on to beat most of the levels and even got high scores in the endless mode while the rest tried it’s best but lost earlier.

We got great feedback from both groups. We are planning on shortening the tempo loss when a life is lost, making each level color different from the previous one and tweaking how the keys light up when the machine plays.

Even more, we are already planning another test session in order to get more feedback. We intend to get some young kids play the game in order to further establish our target audience and also examine if the tutorial is efficient or not.

We need new people and that will surely be the most problematic issue.


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