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When I got into the project we immediately started looking for an artist, the first thing was thinking about the image we wanted to give to the game; where the game came from, and where we wanted it to go, something that we could maybe call "subject matters"; in Oir the protagonist, for us, was a point in between the keys, the music and the player; it's an abstract game, about music, without a character or a history, besides the ones we can build metaphorically.

The idea was the: "The Keys will be our protagonists" what the players will remember so, now I'll leave you with Luis, our artist, who can talk about this much better than I could ever do...

"The keys are the protagonists of the game"

One of the first phrases Antonio Zimmerman and Pablo Palacios gave me a few months ago. I took it and embraced it, but some time had to pass before I really understood what those words meant.

"What exists and what's imaginary"
A great part of the designing process has us, as designers, standing in that space just between the two ideas. What is and what one supposes it should look like. The challenge is that we only know about the first point and we don't know what others imagine. Even now we've got a lot of work ahead, but we have come a long way, and in this case I mean "We" because it wasn't me alone who came here, we worked as a team. "The keys look a little sad" or "too serious" "can we combine the striped pattern with the block line?" throws at me Antonio Zimmerman at each meeting, "What if we do like an envelope with a record inside?" asked Pablo Palacios. This are just a few of the questions I was asked, valuable input of the development team that never fails to surprise me for their simplicity and elegance or the creativity of putting together ideas that could be apparent opposites.

Here Luis gave us a sectional drawing of our protagonist, the Key.

Another part that's important for us is the presentation of the game, both in the ingame and out of the game, that's why we looked for a logo that crystal clear, but that goes hand in hand with the aesthetic of the game; in this we went with what Luis told us, he knows better how to communicate what we want to in a meaningful way.

To close all of this, the key with a little mockup we are using for the tutorial; and an invitation, tomorrow 07/16/17 to participate of our first "live" presentation, the game's far from finished, but we want to start showing it up and see, in this opportunity, how hard it is for people that have never played it.

and Luis


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