All them names

A lot of people worked on the project, but in the beginning I was alone. I made a prototype, quite rough, that ran on iOS but not native.
Santiago Far Suau was the first to join coding the proof of concept back in 2014. When he made the audio library run on iPhone and we got a shy synth sound out of the speakers, we knew the idea was doable.

Later, through the GameWorkJam we formed a temporary group with Agustín Pérez Fernández and Pablo Dos and the collaboration of JP Chandías. We tried to make a prototype in Unity, it was heavy on the hardware and didn't quite work. The group was disbanded. The project stalled.
 Two programmers got the prototype flying; Emanuel Kotzayan, briefly in 2015 and Alvaro Mendoza later that year working remotely from Cochabamba, Bolivia. Mid 2016 we made another temporary group, Guille Averbuj (game designer and production), Damián Allende (art) and Marcos Torres (programming). We ran for a time, but Averbuj and Allende had to quit the project for other stuff. Fortunately Marcos stayed, which worked quite well because -in addition to coding- he has musical knowledge (he plays the guitar and has an excellent ear).
Resultado de imagen para jam programing
Oni Bowmann (Pablo Iglesias) was added to the group as an eventual technological gurú and Ale Iparraguirre as an extra-official campus. I tried to get the money for the project throughout different means (FNA, PlataformaFuturo, Mecenazgo, etc.). With Santiago we went to FONSOFT with the project (a 100 pages doc!!!) and finally got the financing.

Juan Cruz Amusategui and Fabricio Chungo came to the team to design synths, and Francisco García as a QA and pattern designer for drums.

Pablo Palacios came to replace Guille and we started looking for an artist. We looked through a pile of CVs and portfolios (some with an amazingly high quality), we saw a few aesthetic proposals and finally decided to work with Luis Roach; we'll show his work on the next entry.


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