How did the game begin?

The beginning of some things is hard to precise. Some, for example, say that Columbus discovered America. Others think that he ignored where was that place where he arrived, so the discovery corresponds to Americo Vespucio. Or even that the first europeans to arrive where the vikings when they came more than a thousand years earlier. Or that ten thousand years before these land were already populated.

Today, I’m going to talk about the founding point. Now, I can tell that Oir began in 2013, the year when my favourite aunt, fed up with old Nokia 1208, gifted me an iPhone 5.

The gadget was astonishing, but what I cared more about it was learning what could I do with it. I downloaded a couple of apps but being just a user wasn’t my plan.

I gave programming a shot and grinded through some XCode tutorials with little success. Then, I found a middle term solution: there was this app called MobMuPlat that enabled me to use Pure Data, a programming language designed for sound and music. Mixing both tools enabled me to make a few prototypes, including two that would be key to the development of Oir: a Simon clone and a procedural music generator that made up “algorhythmic pop” with bass, drums and synths. IT didn’t take much time for me to realize that both things could be combined.


We did it and we’ll show you some gameplay next week!


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