Hi everyone, thanks for reading. Today I'll tell you, briefly, about a game we are making. It's name is Oir (hear in spanish... you hear me?) and, in the next posts we'll be revealing the features of the game, advances, we'll introduce our development team, the creative process and how the idea for the game was born.

-¿What's this all about? Simple: Oir is a musical videogame for iOs
-Yeah... so, how do I play? Do you remember Simon Game? the same idea, but with procedural melodies, background music, instruments to unlock, powerups, and a few other things.

-Is Oir a game of memory or precision? 
Both. Thanks for your questions, we hope you return soon.

-¡Dude, wait up! I've got more questions, what can I do?
You can comment them down here, we'll be answering them in future posts, or, as possible in the same comments. Next time we'll tell you how the game was born.


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